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Lumira LED Lighting strongly feels that LED lighting is the most efficient source of lighting available at this time.The LED (Light Emitting Diode) has repeatedly proven to us and our customers that there is no equal to the energy savings, efficiency, and the minimal environmental impact of any lighting type, as the LED sources on the market today. Our position is to offer effective, high quality LED lighting, with tested products that help us all minimize our energy use for the preservation of our finite resources, both for now and for the future.


Our LED products fit perfectly in all types of classrooms.


Light up your workplace efficiently with Lumira Lighting.


Let Lumira Lighting help brighten your store or retail location.


We can help with anything from museums to hotels and more.

Every Project Is Different

We know that each and every project is different, that’s why we urge you to contact us directly so we can form a no obligation quote to help you better understand your project.